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KCITI 2nd Avenue

5th St, Nairobi

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday


Our Values

Our Motto

Quality Technical Educaion at the most Affodable Fee

Our Mission

The KCITI college mission is to  equip young people with technical skills and instruction to morally enrich their lives by a knowledge of God’s word and to provide a quality education at fees low enough to make higher education affordable to economically disadvantaged but deserving youth..

Core Beliefs

Note that the Vacancies are booked well in advance and only a certain number of students can be accommodated on each intake on first come first serve basis. Also it should be noted that the every application guarantee that the student will be accepted in the school as this depends on the grading , availability and also the eligibility of the student.

Pupil Care

Accepts applications from prospective parents throughout the year and those interested are encouraged to contact the school by way of telephone or e-mail by using the contact form to get information. In order to gain more insight into our program, parents should attend.
a school admission or call before applying.