In service to God and Country..  

A warm welcome awaits you here at KCITI and we trust that your stay with us will be spiritually and mentally rewarding. The Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute (KCITI) is a registered Technical Training Institute with the ministry of Higher education Science and technology.

The institution provides full development of each student in diverce areas such as cademic, cultural and spiritual activities which are daily occurrences at KCITI.

  Mission Statement

We offer high quality integrated and market driven training and services responsive to national and global economic needs.

Students can be assured of an education worth the name. Close attention is paid to course content and educational standards. 

Graduates from the Institute are rapidly establishing themselves in the business community because of the quality of their training.


KCITI is the Christian leading East and Central Africa school of technology since 1992 with modern computer laboratories,electrical and automotive equipments.