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School of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Our graduates are highly skilled, dynamic and of high integrity.

In this department, we train electrical installation artisans, craftsmen and electric power technicians at artisan, craft and diploma levels respectively. Our graduates are highly skilled, motivated, very dynamic and of high integrity. We produce skilled labour which is much needed in the budding building industry, the energy sector as well as the manufacturing sub sectors.

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CourseRequirementsDurationExam BodyFees
Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Power) module 1, module 2, module 3KCSE C- or Pass in Craft Certificate in Electrical & Electronics 3 terms eachKNEC16,500 Per Term for each
Craft Certificate in Electrical & Electronics, module 1, module 2KCSE D (plain) and Above or Pass in Artisan3 terms eachKNEC15,400 Per Term for each
Artisan Certificate in Electrical InstallationKCSE 3 termsKNEC14,300 Per Term
Electrical Wireman grade 1, grade 2, grade 3Pass in Grade 2
Pass in Grade 3
KCSE/KCPE or Practicing Jua kali Artisans
2 Terms eachNITA13,800 Per Term for Each
Solar Photovoltaic grade 3
grade 2
grade 1
Pass in Grade III
Pass in Grade II
2 Terms eachNITA13,800 Per Term for Each
Electronics Repair (TV, Radio, Iron Box, Oven Microwaves, etc)KCPE / KCSE3 monthsKCITI21,200/=
CCTV & Electrical InstallationsKCPE / KCSE3 monthsKCITI21,200/=
CCTV & Alarms System InstallationsKCPE / KCSE3 monthsKCITI21,200/=
Solar and Electrical InstallationKCPE / KCSE3 months KCITI21,200/=

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