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School of Building & Civil Engineering

We ensure to give to the society a professional Civil Engineer.

The students here are encouraged to engage extra-curricular and co-curricular activities which are essential for personality development, nurturing of team spirit and development of organizational skills.

Here, students are getting equipped with the practical skills required on the onset of their professional life as artisans, craftsmen and technician and preparation as graduate engineers.

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Mr. Cheruiyot. HOD

CourseRequirementsDurationExam BodyFees
Diploma in Building technology, module 1, module 2, module 3Pass in Craft Certificate
3 Terms eachKNEC14,000 Per Term each
Artisan Certificate in Plumbing/MasonryKCPE/KCSE 3 TermsKNEC12,000 per Term
Craft Certificate in Plumbing/Masonry KCSE D (plain) or Pass in Artisan3 Terms eachKNEC13,000 Per Term
Artisan Certificate in Building Technology KCPE/KCSE 3 TermsNITA12,000 Per Term
Plumbing/Masonry grade 1, grade 2, grade 3KCPE/KCSE or Practicing Jua Kali Artisans2 Terms eachNITA10,100 Per Term for each
Tile LayingGrade 3,2 & 1KCPE/KCSE 2 Terms eachNITA10,100 Per Term for Each
Painting Grade 3,2 & 1Jua Kali Artisans2 Terms eachNITA10,100 Per Term for Each
Welding Grade 3, 2 & 1KCPE/KCSE2 Terms eachNITA10,100 Per Term for Each

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