A Few Common Questions About KCITI

How can I download an application form?

Download our application form the Admissions Page.

How can I apply for a course online?

Simply visit the admissions page on the website. Fill in the admissions form with all the details requested and send the form.

How can I be admitted to KCITI?

You can apply for a course online through the admissions page, thereafter, you will await feedback from us. You can also visit the admissions desk at the reception to get more information. Please note once you receive confirmation that for you to be admitted, you need the following requirements:
  • Application fee – 500
  • Admission fee – 1000
  • Student id card – 300
  • Caution – 800
  • Library – 1000 per year
  • Insurance – 500 per year
  • Internal exams fee – 300 per term
  • Internet – 500 per term
  • Lab and equipment – 1500 per term
  • Activity fee – 500 per term

What scholarships are available to students?

KCB Tujiajiri & KCITI scholarships

How can I apply for a scholarship?

You can visit the admissions office for forms, fill them in and return them then wait for an interview call. You can also call the admissions office to be advised further.

Where is KCITI located?

KCITI is located in Eastleigh 2nd avenue, fifth street

When is the next intake?

Students are admitted in January, May and September

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